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Behind Trade CEO’s Strategy To Launch A Direct To Consumer …


If coffee drinkers receive personalized recommendations about which high-end coffee they’ll like best, will they start drinking more fancy java at home, and not just when they order their latte to go?

Direct-to-consumer coffee business Trade launched in April backed by JAB Holdings, one of the biggest names in coffee and coffee chains. JAB’s massive presence includes Stumptown and Intelligentsia Coffee as well as Keurig, Dr. Pepper, Peet’s Coffee and Panera.

Although coffee drinkers spend $14 billion on coffee they make at home, “comparatively little is in specialty coffee,” Trade CEO Mike Lackman said. Trade wants to change that coffee drinking behavior.

Trade is different from off-the-shelf coffee brands because it tailors recommendations to an individual’s palate and roasts beans just days before mailing them out.

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