pureLYFT Announces Expansion of eCommerce and Retail Locations

pureLYFT as a leader in the natural energy market announces their continued expansion into the retail and expanded eCommerce presence.

The history of pureLYFT started when CEO & Founder, Erik Elfstrum, and his partner exhausted from a long week at work were looking for, and couldn’t find, an all-natural energy alternative to coffee and the artificially flavored, sugar-filled energy drinks on the market. They took the opportunity to create a new, innovative energy stir stick that allows you to energize any beverage you want, naturally.

pureLYFT created the formula for their all-natural CLEAN CAFFEINE® from un- roasted green coffee beans, a hint (less than 1mg) of Stevia, and vitamins A and B complex. The unique, portable energy stir stick can be stirred into your drink of choice, including, but certainly not limited to water, juice, soda, and adult beverages. pureLYFT is compact, convenient, and easy to use at home, in the boardroom, at the gym, out at night with friends, or while you’re chasing your kids around. Get all of the energy you need without all of the calories and jitters you don’t.

pureLYFT is carried nationwide at local convenience & grocery stores, college campuses, as well as all Lifetime Fitness locations.

For a complete list of locations or to purchase direct, consumers can visit their website at and also on Amazon.


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