BonJo Coffee Roasters Expands Into Retail

BonJo Coffee Roasters as a leader in the coffee market announces their continued expansion into the retail market and expanded eCommerce presence.

The history of BonJo Coffee Roasters began 30 years ago with Joseph Bonaiuto being one of the first who wanted to bring the real Italian espresso to the United States. His passion for coffee since he was a child can be attributed to his grandmother who had been roasting coffee in a small town in the luscious hills of Italy for her family friends and neighbors. His memories of coming out of school and following the trails of the coffee aroma brewing from his grandmother’s house still lingers in his heart which drove his desire to create a unique and unmistakable taste of coffee.

What differentiates BonJo Coffee from other coffee roasters is their method in roasting selected greens. They have used their years of experience to determine the best temperature for roasting their greens experimenting over and over again until they found exactly what is needed to maximize the body aroma flavor and caffeine from each bean. Furthermore to make BonJo Coffee different they excluded the “quenching” processing from their production to alleviate the amount of moisture absorbed in the coffee bean. They selected this method because roasting forces water out of the bean, causing it to dry and expand in the process, allowing its natural sugars to rise. Finally, they use only the top of the line roasters to make sure that their beans are roasted with precision removing any room for error in color and taste. Their machine allows each green to have the exact exposure to roasting time and doesn’t scorch the beans because flames are never touching the actual coffee. Each of these factors has proven to create a unique and unmistakable cup of coffee that caters to all different flavor pallets.

BonJo Coffee Roasters is open to the public for tours Wednesday’s and Thursday’s From 1:30pm – 3:30pm (EST) Please feel free to contact them via email or 203-914-1600 with an appointment or just come in and ask one of our friendly customer service admins for a tour around their building.

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