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Rook Coffee Launches All Natural Pumpkin Style Cold Brew

Rook Coffee meets customer demand to begin pumpkin season with the release of Pumpkin Style Cold Brew on Tuesday, August 28.


This seasonal cold brew is completely all-natural, made with fresh, dark roasted cold brew coffee infused with spices included in a traditional pumpkin pie recipe. Completely all-natural, this cold brew contains no artificial flavors, colorings, syrups or added sugar.


Pumpkin Style Cold Brew is enjoyed at its best with dairy or a non-dairy alternative and a touch of sweetener. The cold brew concentrate itself is vegan, if a dairy alternative is used. Rook Coffee currently offers almond, soy and coconut non-dairy alternatives at no extra cost.


This release follows the limited launch of Cinnamon Vanilla Style Cold Brew, which made a return in early August, to much excitement to customers and fans. Greatly anticipated by fans, Pumpkin Style Cold Brew launched on Tuesday, August 28 at all Rook Coffee retail locations.


About Rook Coffee

When childhood friends Holly and Shawn stepped away from their big city careers and started Rook Coffee in 2010, they wanted to make their customers feel special. From its humble beginning in a 300-square foot shack, Rook has offered the highest quality coffees paired with over-the-top customer service. At Rook Coffee happiness and damn good coffee go hand in hand, and this is delivered with exceptional product and over-the-top customer service. To learn more and visit Rook’s online retail business, head to:



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