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Cool Coffee Shop Helps Bring Back Main Street In Greensboro


When Lindsey Miller and Leah Drury were growing up in Greensboro, there wasn’t a coffee shop on Main Street, or in all of Hale County, for that matter. And there wasn’t much to do in town at night, either.

That’s all changed, thanks in part to Lindsey and Leah, who moved away to pursue their careers and now are giving back to the little town by helping to establish The Stable, a bright, stylish coffee shop and eatery right across from the library in downtown Greensboro, population 2,300. Along with two other owners, Monique Kitchen and Sheri Chapman, they opened The Stable in December of 2017.

On the day they opened, “I think the entire town came,” says Lindsey. “We’ve had amazing support.”

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