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Coffee Growers Dispute Claim Of Poor Quality


MAVIS BANK Coffee Factory, MBCF, a large buyer of cherry coffee, says the low price of $3,000 per box it is paying farmers for supplies is due to poor quality, but adds that the rate may improve as the crop year proceeds.

“MBCF started the payment at $3,000 because, normally, at the beginning of the crop the quality is very poor,” said CEO Norman Grant. The crop year began on August 7.

“As the crop progresses, we will assess the quality, and prices normally move up based on the improvement in the quality of the coffee as well as the confirmation of orders and the price,” he said.

But Donald Salmon, president of the Coffee Growers’ Association, JCGA, is calling out the processors, saying the pricing of coffee cherry based on quality tests is a new practice that began in the past crop year and is nothing but a ploy used by traders to make more money from the industry.

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