Barista Skills, Competition & Coffee Tastings with 2018 Canadian Barista Champion Cole Torode

2018 Canadian Barista Champion Cole Torode to give a Special-one-day only Class at the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy

Vancouver, Canada – September 1st, 2018 – The Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy was founded in 2001 as a neutral, unaffiliated, academic and educational organization to push the Canadian specialty coffee industry standards forward.

This year, we have invited our 2018 Canadian Barista Champion to share his extensive expertise with the Barista Academy Alumni and general public. The class “Barista Skills, Competition & Coffee Tastings” is to be held on September 21, 2018 from 9am to 1pm at the Vancouver Campus, 3711 1st Ave Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5C 3V6

Cole Torode has been behind the bar, in the roastery and travelling the world to directly source coffee for more than a decade now and will share his journey, trials and tribulations from barista to business partner at Rosso Coffee Roasters in Calgary, Alberta.

For Baristas and Cafe Owners you will want to learn from Cole the step by step method “how to build a barista competition” to excel as a barista or a business owner.

Some of the class time will be lecture, slideshow presentation, tasting, cupping, detailed use of the barista technical scoresheet, all of which will help improve your skills and the cafe you work in, on a day to day basis.

You will also have a deliciously-rare opportunity to taste some of the espresso, cappuccino and signature drinks that Cole served at both the Canadian National Barista Championship and World Barista Championship.

Space is limited, Reserve Now !

About Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy

Currently the Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy has two campuses in Toronto and Vancouver. You can register for coffee business and barista training classes online or over the phone by visiting the Toronto campus or the Vancouver campus websites.

The Canadian Barista Academy’s education focus is to be an open source academy that allows industry professionals to plug in and become involved as faculty. Our instructors are actively involved in building course content and in research and development for the coffee industry. Over the past 15 years, we have worked with some of the most talented coffee professionals from around the world; Canadian and World champions.

We stand proudly behind our course content, our instructors, our growing international reputation and our thousands of graduating students, many who have gone on to forge solid careers in the coffee industry both in Canada and internationally.

Our objective is to educate – we simply want to improve coffee quality in Canada, one cup at a time.

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