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Lavazza’s Coffee Museum In Italy Is A Caffeine Lover’s Dream


Coffee lovers rejoice and behold the glory that is this new giant coffee museum in Italy. Lavazza, the fourth largest coffee company in the world, has opened a brand new coffee museum in Turin, Italy, and it is everything every caffeine freak could ever want or dream.

Starting this summer, visitors of the Lavazza Museum will get an immersive coffee experience from the moment they enter the museum to when they leave, likely with a caffeine buzz. When you first walk in, you get a Museo Lavazza espresso mug which will activate certain interactive parts of the museum. (Think, those self-guided museum tour wands but better because coffee.) You can get a taste (pun fully intended) of this experience on the Museo Lavazza website where you can virtually explore a handful of the exhibits the museum has to offer.

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