Gento Coffee Presents Freshly Roasted Coffee Delivered From Guatemala To Your Door

Helping improve farmers lives one bag at a time.

Gento Coffee launched its new website and monthly coffee subscription, “With the launch of our new platform, our vision is to revolutionize the coffee value chain by providing the world with direct access to the best coffees produced 100% at the origin, Guatemala. This will allow us to pay beyond market and certification premiums directly to producers and implement plans for poverty alleviation and wealth creation in the communities we source from.” says Gento Coffee’s Founder Ashley Prentice.

100% Origin Coffee means that the product is grown, roasted, and packaged in the country of origin. As the 2018 coffee Barometer stated “While coffee is increasingly lucrative with a retail value of $200 billion in 2015, less than 10% of the aggregate wealth stays in the producing countries.” Gento Coffee’s model seeks to break away from the current antiquated and inefficient market dynamics, leaving more value added in the producing country, and assuring farmer prosperity through a more efficient trade model.

This model guarantees various hands are employed in-country, and the activity generates revenue and raises taxes locally, benefiting the country of origin. It also allows year-round partnerships with growers, so we can work long-term plans to ensure their prosperity.

In turn, coffee lovers get direct access to 100% traceable, high quality, origin coffee. Coffee is stored in parchment and freshly roasted to-order to guarantee freshness.

Gento Coffee seeks to improve conditions in farming communities through the following efforts:
• Better incomes for farmers, 100% transparency.
• Education and training programs for producing partners.
• Profit-sharing that invest in programs of education and food security in the communities Gento Coffee sources from.

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