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Superlost Coffee To Launch Coffee Into Space

Bushwick-based Superlost Coffee announced today that its launching a weather balloon into space with coffee and will sell those beans via a new Kickstarter campaign: By utilizing crowdfunding, Superlost hopes to bring space coffee to the public.

In coffee, high altitude is synonymous with quality, said David Roa, Co-Founder and CEO of Superlost Coffee. Thats why were sending our freshly roasted, single-origin coffee into the furthest reaches of space. Well, not really the furthest reaches, maybe just 23-30 miles – Nonetheless! You, yes you, can become a backer who secures your very own taste of this otherworldly relic by donating to our mission now.

For $69 (the US went to the moon in 1969), each funder will receive 21 grams of Superlost Coffees single origin Ugandan Bugisu that has just been in space.

“The extreme cold temperature will flash-freeze the beans, allowing us to test out a method to extend the life of the green coffee, a common issue for roasters today, said Craig Deahl, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Superlost Coffee. We also expect an enormous improvement in cup quality it`s the ultimate experience for those who want to be a part of something exclusive and unique.”

Superlost Coffee will stream the weather balloon experiment live on YouTube ( and Instagram ( in early November. After the cargos retrieved, the Co-Founders will brew and drink a cup of coffee live on camera using the coffee beans that have traveled into space. Follow along with #superlostinspace.

About Superlost Coffee Superlost Coffee is small batch coffee roaster based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The beans are ethically sourced directly from farms visited by the founders, David Roa and Craig Deahl. Each roast`s packaging is uniquely designed by an artist`s interpretation of that batch. A percentage of the proceeds go back to the farm and artist responsible. Since its launch in August 2017, Superlost Coffee has sold over 10,000 bottles of its signature cold brew and its coffee is available in over 180 supermarket stores, restaurants and cafes across Manhattan and Brooklyn. For more information, follow Superlost on Facebook or visit the website


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