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Coffee And Sugar Futures – Memories Of Last Year


At just over 11 cents per pound on the October sugar futures contract and the $1 level on December coffee futures, the prices of the soft commodities have recovered from their respective recent lows. Meanwhile, the prices are closer to lows than highs based on their ranges over the past decade.

Since 2009, sugar has traded in a range from 9.83 cents and 36.08 cents per pound. At a settlement price of 11.03 on September 16, the price was 1.20 cents off the low and 25.05 cents below the high since 2009. When it comes to coffee, the trading band has been from 86.35 cents to $3.0625 since 2009. At $1.0055, Arabica coffee futures were 14.20 cents above the bottom and $2.057 below the high over the past decade on September 18.

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