The Better Travel Coffee Press: AeroPress Go Brings Delicious Coffee Along With You

Coffee lovers need a quick, convenient way to brew excellent coffee so they don’t have to rely on inferior hotel coffee, expensive cafes, or cowboy coffee while they’re away from home. The new AeroPress Go portable coffee maker quickly and easily produces up to three cups of absolutely delicious American-style coffee or cold brew coffee that is remarkably richer, smoother and lower in acidity than coffee brewed by conventional coffee makers including conventional presses. All it takes is coffee, water, and around a minute of time for hot coffee or around two minutes for cold brew coffee.

The AeroPress Go is compact, light weight, and durable, making it ideal for coffee lovers who wish to enjoy their favorite brewed coffee while away from their kitchen. The AeroPress Go travels self contained in its mug, making it easy to fit in a suitcase, in a desk, with camping gear, in an RV, or on a boat. The AeroPress Go gives busy travelers everything they need to conveniently brew superb coffee with a minimum of fuss anywhere they want. And clean up takes just a few seconds.

The breakthrough rapid, total immersion brewing process of the AeroPress Go produces rich flavor without the bitterness and high acidity for very good technical reasons. The AeroPress process yields coffee with only one fifth the acid level of ordinary drip brew. AeroPress brew is not just richer and smoother; it’s also much friendlier to your stomach.

The AeroPress Go brews in about a minute for hot coffee and around two minutes for cold brew and is virtually maintenance-free (a quick, light rinse is all it takes). After brewing into the included 15 oz. mug, eject the spent coffee grounds into the trash or a compost bin, rinse the plunger for a few seconds, and you are done. Once you are finished enjoying your coffee, pack the AeroPress Go back into its included mug and you are ready to go.

The AeroPress Go is available for pre-order on the AeroPress website here: It is expected to be available around the end of October.

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