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Local business owner on Shark Tank

CEDARVILLE — A local coffee house owner is appearing on “Shark Tank” Sunday, Oct. 8.

Taylor Minoir, who owns Telemetry Coffee Roasters and is co-owner of Third Wave Water, will appear on the 9 p.m. show with business partner, Charles Nick. The pair started the water business in October 2016 and applied to be on the show earlier this year.

By the summer, after a series of videos pitching both their product and themselves, Minor — A Cedarville University alum — and Nick were on set filming their episode. More than 40,000 people apply to be on the show, but only 120 businesses get the chance to pitch their idea to multimillionaire and billionaire investors who might give them their big break.

“It was a surreal experience,” Minor said. “It’s the chance to have our brand and our product shown to millions of people. That’s why 40,000 people apply to be on the show, because it does something you can’t duplicate any other way.”

Third Wave sells mineral capsules that can be added to distilled water to create ideal water for brewing coffee. Within the standards of safe drinking water, the actual taste of water can vary greatly, Minor said. These capsules ensure that coffee drinkers have the enjoyable flavor experience they anticipate.

“It’s amazing how much water plays into the taste of your coffee,” Minor said. “You could be doing everything right but your water is off and you don’t even know it,” Minor said. “That’s known in the coffee industry and we have water filtration systems for cafes and for roasters, but we didn’t really have anything scaled for home use.”


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