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It’s A Grind expanding into Glendale

After previous attempts at entering Arizona, It’s a Grind Coffee House is preparing a major expansion into the state, specifically the West Valley.

“The parent company is looking to grow into Arizona for the first time in years and specifically targeting Phoenix and the surrounding areas,” said Laina Sullivan, director of franchise development of Retail Food Group USA, parent company of It’s A Grind Coffee House. “Our brand has changed hands about four times in 12 years and  Retail Food Group) is focused on turning around It’s A Grind and driving the brand into phenomenal success.”

Retail Food Group, which is Australia’s largest multi-food franchiser operator, purchased It’s a Grind Coffee House in 2015 and has turned it into a strong competitor in the coffee business.

It’s A Grind is a specialty coffee house concept established in 1994 that aims to provide high-quality gourmet coffee, espresso beverages, cold drinks and home baked foods in a comfortable and community-focused neighborhood environment.

“Because we have focused on major growth spurt, Retail Food Group wants to expand the brand and we have gotten a lot of franchisee inquiries from Arizona,” Sullivan said. ” Glendale and Peoria are perfect for our brand and it is a great market with excellent opportunities for growth and expansion.”

They offer numerous products, including specialty, traditional espresso, iced, blended coffee drinks, tea, tea-based drinks, bagels, muffins, scones and other bakery items. They also have “Chillers,” which are iced blended beverages you can only get at It’s A Grind.

The stores have become popular neighborhood coffee houses, featuring large, comfortable seating and an eclectic blend of music. They use high-quality Arabica coffee beans, sourced from around the globe, which are roasted in Southern California. The process ensures fresh, smooth flavorful coffee.

“They are roasted here in California and part of our expansion plan is to stay in the western United States that helps with maintaining quality,” Sullivan said. “Competition does not get in our way of expansion and I believe there are plenty of customers for success and there is room for more. Not everyone likes Starbucks or others, so this way they can have their choice.”

The key to It’s A Grind’s success is the local ownership and personal involvement of its franchisees, who are owners who are people-oriented, community-minded individuals who strive to “go the extra mile.”

“We want our customers to come back as much as possible so we strive to make our locations spots that people want to stay at for a while,” Sullivan said. “People want more than just the standard coffee fare and that is what we are trying to create.”

Their goal is to make locations that offer an independent coffee house culture and tailor it to suit the local community, while maintaining its integrity.

“We try not to be just a coffee house, but essentially a community within four walls,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said that while they are focused on five locations in Arizona to begin construction around February 2018, they are still in discussion as to where.

“We are talking, but we are looking at one or two in the Glendale and Peoria area,” Sullivan said. “They have what we need when it comes to what we look for.”





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