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Nestle claims 9.5pc growth

Nestle Pakistan recorded a positive growth of 9.5 per cent and an overall increase in its total revenue by Rs 8 billion during last nine months.

The company’s operating profit increased by Rs 2.1 billion versus the same period last year to Rs 18.1 billion, besides boost in its overall earnings by 15.4 per cent. The results were announced at the company’s board of directors meeting on Tuesday.

The company’s earnings per share increased from Rs 216.47 per share to PKR 249.88 per share, while in the area of sales, its revenue stood at Rs 92.4 billion and export sales during the same period stood at Rs 3.7 billion. The operating profit margin increased by 64 bps compared to same period last year, the meeting informed.

(Balochistan Times)


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