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Altoona’s New Coffee Joint Brings Beans From All Over the World


Getting coffee has become an important part of our morning (and afternoon, and evening) routine. Coffee is more than a beverage: It’s a science, a passion, and a way of life. Cabin Coffee in Altoona’s River Prairie has figured that out. Owners Kelly and Joe Gribowski have planned meticulously for the enjoyment of your coffee experience. “We want three things for our customers: to taste fresh, high-quality food and drinks, to feel welcomed by our exceptional customer service, and to just be happy and have fun,” Kelly said.

Roasting their arabica beans every day ensures customers have the freshest coffee possible. In addition to espresso, they serve a variety of blends of light, medium, medium-dark and dark roast. Cabin Coffee offers 22 types of single-origin coffee, including Colombian from South America, Costa Rican from Central America, Ethiopian from Africa, and Java from Indonesia. In addition to vibrant flavor, fresh-roasted beans have a rich aroma and offer numerous health benefits.

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