UPAC2 Receives BPI Component Compostability Certification For Its Single Serve Coffee Pod

UPAC2 Inc. Rogers, MN has received BPI compostability certification for its brown cup and filter (not including the lid) used as a component in the coffee pod/capsule market. This does not certify the complete Compo Cup but does include the outside cup and internal filter which can be composted in commercial composting facilities.

BPI certifies to ASTM 6400, which requires products to disintegrate during composting in 12 weeks or less, and includes rigorous tests on plant toxicity and heavy metals.  Both the cup and filter are made from compostable materials derived from plant based, annually renewable resources.

The cup was developed to provide coffee companies a compostable alternative option to the oil-based plastic cups currently in use. These standard K-Cups™ are made from PP plastic which is recyclable, however it is unknown if consumers will take the time to separate the cup from the coffee before it is placed in the recycling stream. Economics may also dictate whether K-Cups™ can or will be recycled.  UPAC2’s brown cup and filter are made from a special blend of compostable materials, provides a shelf life of up to 1 year.

The cup has been commercially available for the past year and is being accepted and used by roasters and co-packers alike. All that is needed to claim compostability on the finished coffee pod is to choose from a BPI certified lidding option, and have the final item tested and verified.

UPAC2 Inc. is based in Minnesota with a manufacturing facility in Rogers MN.  The company develops, manufactures, and markets cost-effective food packaging that increases sales, improves shelf life, facilitates shipping, and reduces landfill waste.

K-Cup™ is a registered trademark of Keurig Inc. and Green Mountain Inc.

The brown cup and filter are marketed under the COMPO CUP brand

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