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Coffee Initiative Launched To Help Farms After Hurricane Maria, But Some Say It’s Not Enough


Two years after Hurricane Maria hit, Iris Jeannette still cries when she sees how much of her coffee farm was destroyed. “To see all of the work, effort and money that you put just gone in a couple of hours, it was tough,” she said, adding that she lost over 20,000 trees and more than $100,000 in labor and investments.

Hurricane Maria destroyed 85% of coffee farm harvests, said Carlos Flores Ortega, Puerto Rico’s secretary of agriculture. Forty percent of trees were destroyed, and only 60% were recoverable. It was expected to be one of the best harvests the country has had in the last 10 years, he said.

Coffee farms were hit the hardest and take longer than other crops to recover. In October 2018, the Hispanic Federation launched a five-year coffee initiative with playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda’s family to help revitalize the coffee sector on the island.

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