Beyond The Bean Launches New Syrup Flavours For Winter


The flavour experts at Beyond the Bean HQ in Bristol have been busy developing new Sweetbird syrup flavours for Winter. Hot off the press are two new syrups, Speculoos and Toffee Nut, guaranteed to be a welcome addition to Winter drinks menus.
But what on earth is Speculoos?! Speculoos syrup is inspired by the traditional Dutch Speculaas biscuits, traditionally baked at Christmas time. They are very thin, spiced shortcrust biscuits, brown in colour and often with an image stamped on the front. This biscuit is traditionally served with chocolate milk, but in the UK and America they are served with coffee*. The new syrup works really well added to a hot chocolate or in a Lime Cheesecake Frappé (see recipe below).

Sweetbird Toffee Nut syrup combines the taste of rich roasted nut with buttery toffee, and is a winning combination that can be added to hot chocolate for that distinctive praline taste (see recipe below), or simply add two pumps to a latte. This syrup joins the existing Sweetbird syrups in being both vegan and made without nuts+, and can be used to make a wide range of drinks.

Head of Technical for Sweetbird, Nick Donnelly, comments:
‘Making our syrups at our dedicated production plant in Bristol means that we can explore and experiment with unique flavours to continue to evolve our range and create exciting new syrups. This is particularly evident in our two latest creations: Toffee Nut builds on our existing portfolio of nut syrups that do not contain nuts, and Speculoos is a distinctive flavour inspired by traditional Dutch spiced biscuits.’

These new syrups are made at Beyond the Bean’s dedicated facility in Bristol, giving the company total control over the production process, and the ability to create bespoke flavours for customers. These new syrups showcase the creativity possible with dedicated production and technical teams, as Sweetbird continues to develop inventive, versatile flavours.

Sweetbird Lime Cheesecake Frappé
(makes a 12oz drink)
• Milk/Ice
• 1 scoop Sweetbird Yoghurt frappé
• 1 pump Sweetbird Speculoos syrup
• 2 pumps Sweetbird Lime Syrup
• Whipped cream
• Crumbled Speculoos biscuits, for topping
1. Fill glass with ice, level to top of cup
2. Pour milk over ice, leaving 1cm at the top
3. Pour milk and ice into a blender jug, then add frappé
4. Add syrups then blend until smooth
5. Top with whipped cream and crumbled Speculoos biscuits

See the How to Make video for this drink here. We have a whole library of videos on our Youtube Channel, making it simple for you to add new drinks to your menu.

Sweetbird Praline Hot Chocolate
(makes a 12oz drink)
• 2 pumps Sweetbird Toffee Nut syrup
• 1 scoop Zuma Dark hot chocolate
1. Steamed milk (substitute for oat milk to make a vegan drink)
2. Combine the hot chocolate and syrup in a cup with a splash of hot water and mix to a smooth paste
3. Top up with steamed milk, stirring as you pour

For more information about Beyond the Bean’s new products for Sweetbird, Zuma & Cosy, have a look at our Autumn/Winter Drinking Thinking Brochure here .


+ Please check your syrup bottle – if the label says ‘Made in Bristol’ then it does not contain nuts.

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