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Coffee and Cats: Constellation Cat Cafe opens in East Lansing


EAST LANSING – Kelsey Maccombs is still getting to know the dozen or so felines who now call a former karate studio on East Lake Lansing Road home.

There’s Jonah and Aladdin, both with black fur and strikingly similar builds. Without scanning each cat’s microchip, Maccombs still can’t quite tell them apart.

Then there’s Ace, a six-month-old tabby, and Lily, a 10-year-old cat with gray and white hair who is the senior of the bunch.

Technically, Maccombs is providing a foster home for every one of the cats, but said it will take time to really get to know them.

After all, the Constellation Cat Cafe opened less than two weeks ago.

“They just got here. I’ll get to know them, if they’re here for a while.”

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