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Geloso Beverage Group Launches Mad Bean Coffee, A Gourmet Coffee Flavored Malt Beverage


Hard coffee products is an ever-expanding, hot category that has seen a lot of innovation the past few years. Leveraging on such popularity, Geloso Beverage Group continues to expand with the introduction of their new brand, Mad Bean Coffee.

Mad Bean Coffee is a 4.5% ABV iced coffee flavored malt beverage. The product will be produced in two sizes; 24 oz. cans and 12 oz. cans that will be packaged as a 4-pack. Consumers will be able to enjoy the beverage in two hot flavors; the rich and distinctive chocolate taste of Mocha, and the creamy infusion of Vanilla. Made from 100% Arabica gourmet beans, Mad Bean separates itself from similar beverages with a rich, yet subtle silky flavor.

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