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Dunkin’ And Harpoon’s Coffee-Flavored Beer Is Back On Shelves For A Limited Time


You can buy beer in pretty much any flavor you want these days: pumpkin, milk chocolatetesticle…yes, testicle. But one of our favorite flavors is finally coming back just in time for the weather to get colder. Harpoon Brewery just released a second batch of its Dunkin’ Coffee Porter.

For those who didn’t get one during the first go round, this beer is a mix of Harpoon’s craft beer and Dunkin’s Espresso Blend Coffee. It clocks in at a very respectable six percent ABV and tastes like espresso and dark chocolate. So basically it tastes like everything truly good and pure in this life. The brewery also describes it as having a taste that’s “mild to medium body, with low bitterness and high drinkability.” Solid!

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