KINU® Introduces “M47Simplicity” Coffee Grinder At Host Milano Trade Fair Hall 24 Stand U71

  • Kinu® presents their flagship grinder for coffee enthusiasts: M47 Simplicity.
  • A specially designed burr for Pour-over enthusiasts is available for Simplicity.

 The ​M47 Simplicity is a simplified version of the original M47. It has the same auto-centering mechanical construction, based on the Morse cone principle, micro-metrical grind adjustment, and thumb-stopper. This new grinder achieves a new level of hassle-free, easy-to-use manual coffee grinding that amateur baristas will adore.

The ​Simplicity tones down the “nice to have” features of its older brother to be more affordable and lightweight. It is over all a more reasonable grinder. We equipped it with food-safe plastic and an O-ring receiver that is compatible with the 11 magnets catch-cup for later upgrades.

We developed a proprietary burr geometry especially engineered for Pour-over, reducing the fines to produce better results in the cup. The​M47 Simplicity will come in two models: The ​Classic and the ​Pour-over​version. Both kinds of burrs will be available for purchase separately, to enable enthusiasts to enjoy the product in its different combinations.

Third generation of 11 magnets catch-cup will be available for separate purchase as well.

Please visit our website: for our complete range of grinders.

For more information, please contact:  Michel Nedeff in Miami at (786) 602-2263 or write to

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