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ANDREW MOREAU: Arkansas Company Is Leading Way In Sustainable Coffee Movement


There is a significant sustainable coffee movement in Arkansas that doesn’t get a lot of attention.

Walmart is a leader in the effort, establishing practices that ensure all of its private-label coffee meets internationally recognized sustainability standards.

Two years ago, the Bentonville-based retailer set a goal to sell only sustainably sourced private-brand coffee in stores by 2020. The company announced it has reached the goal ahead of schedule, noting that its private brand is certified sustainable through independent, third-party groups.

Sustainability is about using environmentally safe farming and production methods while also enhancing wages and working conditions for growers.

Traceability is important as well, creating transparency in the entire supply chain so coffee drinkers know specifically where their product is coming from and how it’s being grown — tracing the process all the way back to the farmer.

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