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This Portable Coffee Maker Can Make Hot and Cold Brews In Record Time


If you can’t start a busy day without a cup of coffee, you’ll appreciate FrankOne: the Kickstarter-backed, ultra fast, portable cold brew and coffee maker by Colombian company Frank de Paula. Featuring an integrated vacuum to pull water through a bed of ground coffee, the device extracts flavor in a record amount of time. In fact, this super-efficient coffee maker is so fast that it can make a full-bodied cup of hot coffee in 30 seconds and a cold brew in 4 minutes.

The FrankOne concept was born in Bogotá, Colombia over a cup of coffee between engineer Eduardo Umaña and coffee roaster Luis Fernando Vélez. “Our idea was simple, brewing coffee through a vacuum,” they recall. “After a few preliminary experiments we fell in love with the flavor that brewing through a vacuum produced.”

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