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Bringing craft to the coffeehouse

Stayton family roasts and serves coffee at Brickhouse Coffee Co. in Greenwood to grow community and support mission work

The Stayton family has brought a new type of coffee-drinking experience to the Southside. It’s more than than the smell of freshly-made coffee a customer can expect when they walk through the door or the hot (or cold) cup o’ joe they’ll receive upon ordering.

Brickhouse Coffee Co. at 100 Byrd Way, Greenwood has used the same concept as a craft brewery business but with coffee as its product. The beans are roasted in-house, allowing customers to experience roasting and production first-hand.

“Coffee is our means, our tool to develop community,” said Brickhouse co-owner, Jared Stayton. “Crafting. Coffee. Community. became one of our slogans. We’re artisans. Community is what we want to craft, now only within our coffee shop, but in our surrounding communities. And we want to train others how to do the same thing.”

The idea was born on the mission field.

Having grown up on the Eastside of Indianapolis, Jared tried his hand at university before looking for a career. He worked in the fitness industry, mortgage business in Greenwood, network marketing, roofing and remodeling, before feeling called to attend Bible college. He, his wife Lora, and two daughters moved onto the Bible college campus, where the desire came to go on a mission trip to Southern Spain. The family spent a year and a half, from 2010 to 2012, working in a community center.

“We struggled financially,” Jared said. “We wanted to find an alternative means to support ourselves as opposed to relying 100 percent on friends, family and churches for our support. Looking for jobs within the community would only take away opportunities for locals to have jobs. We started looking at doing business as a mission. Coffee seemed to be this international phenomenon. No matter where you go in the world, there are people drinking coffee and tea.”

Jared had gone to a barista school prior to leaving for Spain and had also developed a passion for coffee. The family decided to put together a business model that would allow them to sustain as missionaries and teach others how to do the same.

They began roasting coffee four years ago, knowing that the business would need to start as a roastery, selling fresh, direct-trade beans to churches, coffee shops and individuals. From there, they started a catering service with a mobile espresso bar. The next part of their plan was to open a retail center.

The family brought in a business partner in December, and were able to purchase a new production roaster built in Carson City, Nev. Then they started looking at locations on the Northeast side of Indianapolis. They received a call from developer, Randy Faulkner, who had purchased the former Jonathan Byrd’s Cafeteria building in Greenwood.

“From the moment we walked in, we knew this is where we were supposed to be,” Jared said. “We met with a designer and knew exactly what we wanted in a coffee shop. We didn’t brand it as a coffee shop; we branded it as a crafthouse. We are very much hands-on. We do it all ourselves, as much as we can.”

After four to find months of building, Brickhouse opened its retail location in August. A grand opening was celebrated on Oct. 21.

The interior, Jared describes as vintage industrial with a little bit of farmhouse.

Brickhouse works with an import partner in Kansas City, obtaining its direct-trade beans from Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia and Indonesia. There aren’t necessarily names for the drinks on the menu. Customers can craft their own drink by choosing the type of brew, hot, cold or frozen, type of milk and if they want a flavoring. The syrups are made in house, with no preservatives.

“A lot of coffee shops can be super high end, up scale, almost to the point to where the person that just wants that everyday cup of Joe, it’s almost out of their market,” Jared said. “I wanted to appeal to the masses. If you look at our coffee shop, I have from young to old. I want to do everything with excellence and for anybody and everybody to be able to walk in and have an enjoyable experience in our crafthouse.”

It doesn’t end in Greenwood. Jared said they plan to build multiple locations, from the Southside to Northside to downtown. Greenwood will be the only roastery/production site. Ultimately, though, their goal is to return to Southern Spain with Brickhouse.

“Our heart is to be a vocational training facility for mission work,” he said. “At some point, we hope to take this back to Spain, develop a world-class company.”

Getting to know Jared

-Favorite coffee drink: espresso, iced with almond milk and our handcrafted vanilla.

Faith is obviously a huge part of our life. My wife and I currently mentor to young married couples. My wife teaches a mentoring class to seniors at our christian school and is part of writing a curriculum to allow other Christian schools to bring this same program into their class that really prepares students for life beyond high school

Brickhouse is family-owned. It’s myself and my wife who manage it. Our 18-year-old is one of our top baristas. Our 12-year-old will do what she can.

We really don’t have names for our drinks. We make off-menu names for our drinks too. One is The Marshall. The fire marshall came in for inspections and I made him a drink. He really wasn’t a coffee drinker. We have a vanilla soft-serve cream that I used with two shots of espresso over ice and blended it together. He loved it. Because of that he became a coffee drinker. We called it The Marshall because of him.

Best advice: Take the path that leads to peace.

Worst advice: Hasn’t happened yet.

Best business decision: Follow the best business advice I’ve been given.

Secret to success: Show up. Persevere. Repeat. You’re either going to build your dream or someone else’s.

In 5 years Keep pursuing the dream and the vision that The Lord has given.

Brickhouse Coffee Co.

100 Byrd Way

Greenwood, IN 46143

(317) 550-0034

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