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Bulletproof Expands Flagship Stores with Seattle Location

Bulletproof, creators of Bulletproof ® coffee and other high-performance food and nutrition products, announced the opening of its third Bulletproof Cafe location in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. The cafe will open to the public on October 27, welcoming locals to experience Bulletproof’s popular food and beverage menu.

Located at 307 Westlake Ave North, the newest cafe will span more than 1,060 square-feet and have grab-and-go menu options that are Bulletproof Diet compliant and ketogenic friendly. Traditional Bulletproof coffee – made with Bulletproof Coffee beans, Brain Octane® oil and grass-fed butter – will be a menu staple with a variety of upgrade options including collagen protein for vital amino acids and skin, nail, hair and joint health, cacao nibs, ghee butter and more.

“It feels amazing to announce Bulletproof expansion into Seattle,” said CEO and founder of Bulletproof, Dave Asprey. “Headquartered in Seattle, Bulletproof is deeply connected with the community. It has been a goal to bring the flagship Bulletproof experience to Seattle customers combining the unique products, technology and service offerings provided by Bulletproof Experts. Bringing Bulletproof flagship store expansion to Seattle will allow more and more people to discover how to radically improve their lives by making small changes.”

In addition to offering Bulletproof food and beverage items, the store will boast added products and technologies to eliminate toxins, and maximize performance. The store will be staffed with trained Bulletproof Experts in the products and science based approach. Whatever your needs, Bulletproof Experts will be there for you.

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