Texpak Announces New Service Technician

Texpak Inc., representing Scolari Engineering of Milan Italy, is happy to report that we have hired a new service technician, William Velasquez. Please say hi to Will, as he travels through the coffee community.

The experience that SCOLARI ENGINEERING has used to develop their current software programs comes from our continual improvement program.  With input and suggestions from many of our clients, our control goes far beyond that of just the roaster program for which we are famous. We can completely control the roasting factory! Lot tracking and interfacing with the enterprise computer are done at the request of the client.

We know how coffee roasters work and our software is written with this in mind, not adapting a canned program. Please visit

About Texpak Inc. / Scolari Engineering of Milan Italy: Integrated manufacturing Systems for coffee – Electronic roasters – Software.

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