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Dingle Berries Coffee & Tea Spices Up The Scene In…


Upon entering Dingle Berries coffee and tea, customers are greeted with a tray of pastel-colored drink samples. t’s one of the many ways that that the eccentrically named cafe brings hospitality to their customers’ experiences, says co-owner John Mark Reyes.

These samples could include such unique flavors as Whoachata, made up of horchata milk tea, activated charcoal and cheesecake foam, or the Dirty Nurple, which mixes their signature 626 ice coffee blend with ube cheesecake foam.

“The coffee world, the boba world, it’s very automated and robotic,” Reyes said. “You get ‘welcome-to-this-let-me-take-your-order.’ There’s no connection anymore. When we do samples, it creates conversation and it’s really nice to see. It’s not so rigid, it’s more inviting and human.”


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