KRUVE Introduces Game-Changing Specialty Coffee Glassware that Harmonizes the Senses

KRUVE Introduces Game-Changing Specialty Coffee Glassware that Harmonizes the Senses

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Toronto, ON – NOVEMBER 2018 – KRUVE broke onto the specialty coffee scene in 2015 with the KRUVE Sifter, a revolutionary product that helps measure, calibrate, and refine grind size. The team quickly went on to win Best New Product as part of the coveted Sprudgie Awards, honoring the best in coffee, and voted on by tens of thousands of coffee lovers. Today, everyone from coffee enthusiasts to World Champion Baristas are using it to improve how they brew coffee. Now, KRUVE is looking to improve how people consume coffee.

Introducing KRUVE EQ – specialty coffee glassware that harmonizes the senses – featuring two unique, yet complementary glasses and a gorgeous carafe that you can brew into!

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How horrible is it when your favourite song comes on and the bass is weak or the treble is ear-piercing? Well-balanced audio requires the use of a good equalizer (EQ), and just like audio, great flavor requires harmony and balance. With this in mind, KRUVE used several science-backed sensation and perception principles to harmonize the senses:

  • TOUCH – Both glasses feature double-walled borosilicate glass to keep the coffee warm, yet cool to the touch. While the single wall keeps the rim thin, so that it’s comfortable to drink.
  • TASTE – Each glass differs in terms of liquid surface area, which affects the rate of oxidation, and in turn softens or amplifies tannins and acidity. They also differ in terms of rim architecture, which affects the flow and spread of coffee on your tongue.
  • SMELL – Each glass also features a different internal shape and amount of headspace, which can greatly impact the aromatic focus of the beverage.
  • SIGHT – The flavor profile is not the only place you’ll find balance. The glasses are a perfect inverse of each other on the outside, yet completely unique on the inside. Also, the clear glass material allows for true appreciation of texture and color.

Much like wine glassware, coffee glassware does not and cannot have a one-glass-fits-all solution. However, unlike wine, coffee glassware cannot be paired to a particular bean varietal in the same way that one might pair a Merlot glass to a particular grape varietal (e.g. Merlot grape = Merlot glass).

As Michael Vecchiarelli, CXO and Co-founder of KRUVE says, “Instead of matching a glass to a certain type of coffee bean varietal, we developed complementary glasses that will either amplify or soften certain flavour notes – just like an audio equalizer – and put you in control of your sensory experience!”

The two styles of drinking glasses – the EXCITE and the INSPIRE – can be used in tandem to compare and contrast roasts, or be used individually to suit your preference. The EXCITE glass features a bulbous shape and large liquid surface area. This traps and circulates aroma, while softening acidity and enhancing sweetness. It often pairs well with full-bodied, chocolatey, nutty, or dark roasts. The INSPIRE glass features a narrow inner glass shape and smaller liquid surface area. This focuses and funnels the aroma, while enhancing acidity. It often pairs well with fruity, citrusy, or light roasts. The EVOKE carafe is double-walled to keep temperature stable and can be used with popular brewers like an Aeropress or Hario V60!

Vecchiarelli goes on to say, “The wine glass industry puts a lot of care and effort into helping consumers enjoy their beverage, yet coffee has just as much, if not more complexity than wine, with hundreds of volatile flavour compounds. So, it just doesn’t seem right to be pouring such a wonderfully rich and complex beverage like coffee into a plain old mug. Add to that, the coffee community cares so much about the origin, roast, and brew method – It would be a shame not to put equal importance on the actual method of consuming the beverage.”
Thanks to an award-winning design team, and the support of experts and fans in the coffee community, we are confident the KRUVE EQ glassware will be a great addition to any kitchen or cafe, while also providing a stylish and creative way to experiment and enjoy your brew!

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“Your drinking vessel is critical to the coffee tasting experience. The wine and beer industry has known this for years and has been using a wide array of custom-designed vessels for that reason. Finally, KRUVE EQ glassware is not only helping the coffee industry catch up, but pushing things further than they’ve ever been before.”

Ken Selby, 2018 US Cup Tasters Champion

 “For many years, the coffee industry has had to borrow from other industries like wine and spirits to explore the effect that the drinking vessel has on coffee. Kruve decided to make something specifically tailored to coffee, and the result is a set of glasses that not only enhance and shift the flavour of the coffee, but are functional as well.”

– Benjamin Put, Canadian Barista Champion & Three-Time World Champion Barista Finalist

Co-owner, Monogram Coffee

 “We’ve innovated the coffee industry in almost every other aspect. So, it’s an interesting oversight that we’ve stopped short of that very final touch point of the guests consumption and enjoyment of that beverage.”

 – Alex Castellani, Co-owner/Operator, Boxcar Social Café

KRUVE is comprised of engineers, product developers, designers, and marketing specialists who have a passion for bringing big ideas to life. We have proven experience working for fortune 500 companies developing products and services and have a successful track record bringing our own products to market. Our aim is to elevate the coffee experience by designing beautiful, innovative, and high-quality precision products.


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