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Using Product Certification To Win Consumers’ Hearts And Minds


The age of restorative and regenerative brands is taking center stage. In an era of heightened environmental challenges and climate change in the daily news, there’s mounting evidence consumers are differentiating brands by their authenticity, values and sustainability credentials at an unprecedented rate.

Branding always has played a vital role in purchasing decisions. But what’s behind the label as we witness a cultural overhaul and the rise of “purpose-driven” brands?

Alongside this growing consumer consciousness and awareness, we’re witnessing the mainstreaming of certification, with the surge in certified products appearing in our weekly shopping baskets — from coffee in Lidl, chocolate in Asda to bananas in Aldi and Tesco. For example, in the United Kingdom, you’re spoiled for choice for where to buy your coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms: from McDonald’s, Costa, EAT or POD.

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