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Roasting Her Own Coffee


When Gabby Loubiere Higgins opened local cafe Brew Ha-Ha in 2004, she had one ultimate goal: to roast her own coffee one day. The idea of handing a customer a bag of Brew Ha-Ha coffee or a latte brewed from her own roasted beans made her face light up. It was something the coffee enthusiast always dreamt of.

That dream came true this August, when Higgins roasted her first successful batch on a whim at the shop.

Before this year, Brew Ha-Ha solely sold coffee from Louisiana brand Community Coffee. Now, customers can still order their favorite Community Coffee drinks, or they can opt to order drinks made with the cafe’s exclusive brand, Brew Ha-Ha Roast & Co. Higgins works with Two Birds Coffee, a Guatemalan coffee farm in Zunilito, Suchitepequez, to source single-origin beans.

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