Sustainable Harvest® Coffee Importers to Continue the Legacy of Twin Trading; Delivering Development with Dignity, Through Trade.

US-based green coffee importer, Sustainable Harvest®, is proud to announce that it will carry
on the powerful legacy that UK-based Twin Trading leaves behind.

In a deal reached today, Sustainable Harvest® will acquire the talented Twin Trading team and
assume management of its extensive supplier and customer relationships. Matt Earlam, former
head of Twin Trading, will lead UK and European operations for Sustainable Harvest.

“Twin was an inspiration for me when founding Sustainable Harvest and it will be an absolute
honour to serve Twin’s customers,” said David Griswold, Founder and CEO of Sustainable
Harvest®. “We are committed to maintaining Twin’s spirit and I have no doubt that together we
will dream up new ways to use coffee to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.”

Formed in 1985, Twin revolutionized the approach to trade in favor of smallholder producers,
laying down the principles of Fair Trade and pioneering ethical and transparent supply chains in
coffee, nuts, and cocoa. Upon news of Twin’s closure, the leadership team at Sustainable
Harvest® felt a responsibility to preserve the longstanding relationships between loyal, invested
customers and producer groups in East Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia.

The deal will allow the former Twin Trading team to continue their work and will enable
Sustainable Harvest® to open a London office to better serve European customers. Over the
past three years, Twin Trading demonstrated exceptional commercial viability with increasing
volumes from high-performing specialty producers across the globe, in addition to building
strong relationships with emerging producer groups and offering customers coffee from rising
origins like DR Congo and Burundi.

“Sustainable Harvest fully embodies the ethos of Twin,” said Earlam, “while providing the global
platform, experience, and tools that our staff need to continue building a brighter future for all in the coffee world. We are pleased to resume full service for all of our partners with a renewed

“In this new chapter, we integrate immense talent and history as we combine forces to champion sustainable sourcing models and certifications that provide dignified livelihoods for farm families at the foundation of the coffee industry,” Griswold went on to say.

For the first time, Sustainable Harvest® will connect customers in the UK and Europe to its
highest echelon of coffee producers, (dubbed MVPs, or “Most Valuable Producers”) a group
uniquely dedicated to buyer relationships, business performance, and sustainability. These
customers will have access to a diverse portfolio of top-tier coffees from 18 origins representing
long-term, transparent relationships.

“We are convinced that this new combination of Sustainable Harvest and Twin will produce
synergies that will result in more meaningful impact,” said Aurora Izquierdo, long-time Twin
Trading and Sustainable Harvest partners and leader of ASOANEI, a cooperative of over 600
indigenous farmers producing organic coffee in Northern Colombia. “This is an organization that
will promote the best for humanity and for the planet.”

Sustainable Harvest’s® North American customers will similarly gain exclusive access to new
African origins and exemplary producer relationships forged by Earlam and his team.

“As a board director for Twin Trading since 2016, I have admired the staff at Twin and Twin
Trading for pursuing new strategies for growth,” said Kim Ionescu, Chief Sustainability Officer
for the Specialty Coffee Association. “To see Twin Trading and Sustainable Harvest, two longtime champions of producer-focused coffee trading, join forces is a boon to all who believe in
different ways of doing business.”

The team at Sustainable Harvest® Europe invites roasters to embark on this new journey

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