For Roasters & Retailers Launches Join the Coffee Cause Project to Help Support Teens

— A new start-up launches a project to offer disadvantaged teens a way to earn and learn to have a store. By selling coffee like a lemonade stand, they’re turning to donations to make the plan happen. With help, plans to offer teens a coffee shop starter kit for $200 in the hopes that they’ll be able to set up at a retailer in their area.

“The project’s goal is to make it much easier for kids to be able to make a few bucks and build a format of entrepreneurship. Although the primary goal is to target kids who are economically disadvantaged, the program will work with any teens who want to earn money, learn to operate a small business, and plan for their future,” said Ed Ellis, the project’s founder.

The plan is to get the teens some starting supplies to get them off the ground, and then it will be up to them to keep the business going. Using this kit, they will be able to set up a kiosk in their area. Teens can list themselves by zip code to seek supplies to be donated at Donors can source the teens and parents by zip code on and donate directly to them.

The organization is also looking for retirees who are willing to mentor the teens and help them operate their coffee business. Donations of goods such as coffee, brewers, filters, and cups are needed, as are retail businesses willing to allow the teens to work with their customers. Also, they would ask for help to find participation in events, trade shows, etc. They are seeking stores, schools, and churches, to sponsor a kiosk space for the teens to work from.




Donate at or join the email list to give goods or to volunteer.











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