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There’s an App for that Electric Coffee Mug

How hot is too hot for a cup of coffee? For coffee lovers, this could be a debatable topic. Some prefer their brew near scalding-hot levels while others like their cup just warm enough to comfortably hug the taste buds. While different people may have varying preferences for their coffee, innovations in beverage technology have now made it possible to tweak the temperature to one’s liking. This means each person can enjoy their cup of coffee or tea according to their exact preferences.

 Smart Beverage Heating Solutions 

Today’s technology has expanded into finding solutions for the food and beverage sector. Many tech innovations have been introduced to improve the quality of life and work by offering practical fixes to daily problems. In this case, the innovative self-heating mugs keep coffee at ideal temperatures, not just for several minutes but for hours.

To make this happen, modern mugs, such as the new product offering from Ember, are integrated with microprocessors and sensors that warm the cup to exact levels. Just like any customizable tech product, these self-heating mugs often come with an app. The app, which can be downloaded to a smart device, allows the owner to identify and set their ideal cup temperature. Some mugs allow for a variety of settings. If the owner has different preferences for different types of drinks, they can create multiple presets.

 Coffee Industry Breakthroughs

The National Coffee Association keeps businesses, consumers, and other interest groups up to speed with the latest news about the coffee industry. The NCA also provides a voice to all industry stakeholders. Basically, the association is a one-stop site for anything coffee-related.

As an information site, the association provides links to coffee-based reports and research, and the latest consumer data. NCA also issues an annual survey on consumption trends in the U.S. They also serve as a useful source for industry breakthroughs, such as the new beverage technologies that have been transforming the market lately.

Tech breakthroughs in the food and beverage sector have been heating up the market for quite some time. Now, coffee lovers are presented with a practical solution for maintaining the ideal temperature for their beverage of choice. These new products allow them to enjoy their favorite mug of java or tea, consistently heated according to their standards, for a longer period of time.



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