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Youths with Down syndrome staff Mexican coffee shop

Around 30 young adults with Down syndrome are getting job experience and a taste of independence working at a coffee shop in this western Mexican metropolis.

The shop is a project of Cordica 21, an association to promote the academic, social and athletic development of people with Down syndrome with the aim of making their potential visible, director Laura Ruiz Borrayo told EFE.

“The goal of our coffee shop is to enhance their self-esteem, to improve their independence at home, which is where we want to see the results, and also to show society all they can do and that just like anybody else, they have a lot to offer to the world,” she said.

Five women and seven men greet and serve the customers, while 18 other young people with Down syndrome make the cookies, pastries and other baked goods on offer at the shop, which is located on the ground floor of the building housing the Cordica 21 school.

In fact, all of the staff are Cordica 21 graduates and the coffee shop was conceived to give alumni a path into the job market.

Open for only a few weeks, the shop already has a substantial clientele, and waiter Ricardo Limon Carranza, 29 speaks happily of “a boom.”


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