A few decades ago, our choice in tea was rather limited. But thanks to the advent of globalization, we now have a seemingly boundless selection – varying in color and aroma – from the most remote parts of the world.

As a result, many restaurants and coffee shops now offer hot tea on their menus and tearooms are beginning to appear in cities and small towns. Of course, there’s more to this steeped beverage than being simply delicious. Tea actually has numerous health benefits.

Black tea reduces stress, improves blood circulation and slows osteoporosis.

Green tea improves your mood, reduces cholesterol and strengthens your immune system.

White tea promotes weight loss, reduces pain, fights cavities and quenches your thirst.

Red tea helps relieve digestive problems, helps with sleep and is high in antioxidants.

Of course, purists usually prefer a 100% authentic “natural” tea. However, the fondness for flavored teas continues to grow. There’s something to be said about savoring a tea with a hint of rose petals, a touch of butterscotch or a dash of exotic spices.

Served with a few sweets – cookies, scones or baklavas, for example – tea is the perfect companion for times when we need to treat ourselves to a quiet and relaxing moment. Care for a cup?


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