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Simonelli Group will continue to be a partner of the World Barista Championship for the next three years.

The future is not made alone, it’s made together. When you have the same goals and share the same values; when you aren’t content with the status quo. When you are driven to improve things, to look forward, it is easy to find like minds to collaborate and work with.

Simonelli Group, through its Victoria Arduino brand and the now legendary VA388 Black Eagle, will continue to be a partner of the World Barista Championship for the next three years. This relationship is one of strong convictions and goals that make a difference.

This is a relationship built and strengthened over the years, that has brought a change in standards for the coffee world and helped drive the quality of the world’s most significant coffee event.

We believe that a focus on sustainability is important now, but even more so in the future.  Continuous research, supported by Simonelli Group and the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation, is available to WBC competitors and the entire industry. Our goal here is that Simonelli Group and WBC can be a catalyst for a better future.

The confirmation of Simonelli Group, by the WCE board, as the sponsor for the next three editions of the WBC is, in part, the result of our lasting relationship, which began in 2009 with the WBC in Atlanta. However, Simonelli Group will not rest on its laurels, looking backwards.

We will work to move forward, together with all of you.


Source: Simonelli Group

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