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Coffee Cart Company A First For Afghanistan

A small-business owner has established the first ever mobile coffee shops in Kabul city, providing job opportunities to at least 15 people.

The business owner, Najibullah, said he hopes to get support so as to expand his business.

Najibullah started his business four years ago – with 50,000 AFs – in Mazar-e-Sharif City in Balkh province and then expanded his business to Kabul two years ago.

He has at least 1,000 customers in Kabul every day, Najibullah says.

“I have bought the necessary machines and other equipment from Uzbekistan. We started from Mazar-e-Sharif City and now with the help of God our business is going well and people have become used to drinking coffee,” he said.

Najibullah has five mobile coffee stores in Kabul and three others in Mazar – they are specially designed carts that can easily move through the two cities.

According to his staff, they hope the business continues to expand so that they can take the concept to other cities in Afghanistan.

The coffee menu is also varied and according to one of the employees, Mohammad Shafi Sarwari: “We have coffee with milk, without milk and Cappuccinos.”

Najibullah says his customers are from across the board – from all levels of society.

“I was excited to see these coffee stores. This creates jobs for our people and also provides good quality coffee,” said Tariq Aziz, a resident of Kabul.

“Drivers, employees and everyone drinks this coffee. It is yummy,” Kaka Jan, a resident of Kabul said.

Najibaullah said he is trying to make it a common practice for Afghans to drink coffee.


By Zabihullah Jehanmal

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