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Warmth of Christmas at Barista

There’s nothing quite like some great treats to bring people together during the Christmas season. This year Colombo’s favourite coffee house chain Barista has an array of goodies for everyone to enjoy either seated in one of the chains cosy outlets strewn across the city, or to take home and enjoy in the leisure of your home.

Turkey is an integral part of Christmas celebrations and Barista is putting succulent roasted turkey with all the trimmings inside a soft flaky puff and a piping hot Panini. The Roasted Turkey Puff and Roasted Turkey Panini will be available at Barista outlets at World Trade Center, Laksala in Thummulla, and the National Museum, Colombo 4 outlet near MC, Rajagiriya and Cafe Mocha.

For those who want a dose of Christmas in a glass, Barista’s got a hot and cold version to enjoy with their all-new Minty Mellow Hot Chocolate and the Minty Mellow Shake. A hint of mint that goes oh so well with chocolate combined with tons of melt-in-your-mouth marshmallows are mixed up together to create the perfect drinks for the season.

Available exclusively at Barista’s signature Cafe Mocha outlet, the Cranberry Pear Crostata, this tart combines the tangy flavours of cranberry with sweet pears for the perfect filling.


(Daily Financial Times)

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