Highwave Inc. Introduces Ergonomical Reusable Silicone Lid

 OXNARD, CA (12/1/2018)—The EARTHLID is a patented silicone BPA free reusable lid that is ergonomically designed to replace the use of single-use coffee lids. Highwave Inc. has this product available for pre-order on their website now and will be available for retailers to ship in mid to late December 2018.

One hundred billion polystyrene coffee lids land in Oceans & landfills last year. The EARTHLID fits on a paper coffee cup to eliminate one plastic lid for every coffee you drink. Most disposable lids are polystyrene [6] with are made of styrene, which is a known carcinogen, they are difficult to recycle and these single-use lids are one of the most common types of ocean plastic pollution.

The EARTHLID is made of BPA free food grade silicone. The patented ecofriendly lid’s strap seals your drink for a no spill transport and can take a knock down if sealed correctly. Place the lid on your cup, sip, and go. The EARTHLID fits on most to-go coffee hot cups as well as regular size soda cups to help eliminate the use of straws. Two humans using EARTHLID daily can eliminate 700 single use plastic lids in one year.

Highwave Inc. has also created a stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler for the EARTHLID as the very first “Plastic Free” high performance tumbler design. This is available for pre-sale now and will be available to retailers mid to late December 2018. See Highwave’s website ( for more of their reusable cups the EARTHLID is compatible with as well as more information on other original Highwave designs.

For Further Information e-mail: Chelsea Holman at or 805-981-1773

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