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Spilling The Beans About Coffee’s True Cost


Being serenaded by a community of pygmies is not a typical occurrence in the working day of a Melbourne coffee roaster, but Matt Hampton isn’t your typical roaster.

Hampton is the director and co-founder of Rumble Coffee, a four-man operation that roasts in a small warehouse in the inner city suburb of Kensington. Not only does Rumble aim to roast great beans, but it wants to change the way coffee drinkers weigh up the price of their cappuccinos.

The business runs what it calls the Transparency Project, which involves visiting coffee growers around the world, seeing how their operations work, and telling Melbourne coffee drinkers exactly how much the growers are being paid.

A recent trip to Burundi, Africa was possibly the highlight of the four years that Rumble has been in business, Hampton says.

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