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Commercial Coffee Machines: Which Coffee Machine Is Best For Your Business?


The equipment you use is as responsible for the quality of your beverages as the beans you make them with. The different techniques used to extract the flavour impact upon the completed product, which might make the decision seem an easy one. But then, there are other considerations: the size of the unit; the space you have available; the cost; the ease of use; the ease of maintenance; the speed; the amount of use it will have. Look at all of these things and suddenly, the decision becomes a lot harder.

So, what’s really important?

5 Things to Consider Before Investing in a New Coffee Machine for Your Business

The volume and nature of your business

Commercial coffee machines come in a variety of sizes. Some are capable of filling up to eight cups at a time. Others work with no more than one or two. If yours is a business that deals with hundreds of covers an hour, then the latter option is clearly inappropriate. Similarly, if you’re a small, craft deli offering an artisanal coffee selection, the ability to bang out your beverages in batches isn’t going to fit the bill. This is probably your most important consideration.

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