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Inside Starbucks Roastery, a Sprawling 3-Story Coffee Playpen in Chelsea


The Starbucks Reserve Roastery — the most luxurious way to get a grande — opens its fourth global location this Friday, December 14 at 61 Ninth Ave., at 15th Street, in Chelsea.

NYC is the fourth of six planned roasteries across the world, with others in Seattle, Shanghai, and Milan. Tokyo and Chicago are next up for this new style of store that’s reportedly meant to “differentiate” Starbucks from other global coffee chains like Lavazza.

It’s nearly a whopping 23,000-square-foot bid, including five bars: two for coffee, and one each for cocktails, takeaway beans, and pastries. The space here is full of New York design details spread across a working coffee roaster, tubes in the ceiling that carry freshly roasted beans to the coffee bar, tons of seating, 10 bathrooms, and every kind of coffee brewing style one can imagine. Everything is subtle, though.

“New Yorkers are sophisticated, so we didn’t want to hit them on the head [with NY references],” Starbucks Roastery concept design vice president Jill Enomoto says.

Wooden blocks line the ceiling that not only help with acoustics, but are also a callback to street blocks. All the furniture was designed and made in the U.S., and Brooklyn artists Yolande Milan Batteau and Max Steiner made custom ombre wallpaper and a geometric siren sculpture, respectively.

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