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Brazil’s 2018 Coffee Sales Slightly Behind Pace


SAO PAULO, Dec 13 (Reuters) – Brazil’s 2018 coffee crop was 64 percent sold through Dec. 10, slightly behind the 66 percent achieved at this time last year and a 5-year average of 66 percent, consultancy Safras & Mercado said on Thursday.

Safras estimated that 38.7 million 60-kg bags from the current record crop, which it projects at 60.5 million 60-kg bags, have been sold by farmers so far.

Gil Barabach, a Safras & Mercado coffee analyst, said the sales pace slackened recently due to lower prices.

Safras said arabica coffee sales were at 61 percent of the crop, compared with 64 percent, on average, for this period, while robusta sales were at 73 percent of the crop, ahead of the average of 70 percent.

Brazil will likely have a smaller crop next year since arabica trees alternate years of high and low production. But the weather has been favorable, leading analysts to not expect a large decline.

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