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Case Of The Mondays? Wrinkle & Boon Has Coffee, Gifts


There’s a new coffee shop downtown, and better still, it’s open on Mondays. But Wrinkle & Boon aims to be more than another spot to grab a cappuccino or latte – more than a gift shop, too, although you will find all sorts of knickknacks for sale inside.

Most of all, Wrinkle & Boon is trying to become a venue where people gather in Lebanon.

“We love the city, so we really want to focus on not necessarily just the coffee or just the gifts, but community,” said Pam Shirk hours before Wrinkle & Boon held its grand opening on Dec. 7. “We want a spot for people to come. We want a place where we would like to have a lot of events.

“We want to be that place that’s a link in the city.”

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