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Malongo Atelier Barista Offers Fair-Trade Coffee And Teas


Coffee lovers rejoice! A stylish and vibrant coffee spot opens Friday, December 14 in BGC.

Located at One Bonifacio in BGC, the Malongo Atelier Barista highlights French heritage, delectable coffee from various countries, and a commitment to eco-consciousness. Filipinos have a deep affinity for coffee. Heck, some people even claim that they can’t function before coffee in the morning!

Once a small roasting house in Nice, France, Malongo began as a family firm in the 1930s. Today, it is the first French brand committed to the fair-trade movement, and leads the global market for fair trade coffees and bio coffees.

More than half of Malongo’s coffees and all of its teas hold organic AB certification that guarantees that no fertilizers or pesticides were used in farming, among other aspects.

Grown according to traditional farming methods, the roster offers coffees from small-scale farming, cultivated in the shade of high altitude plantations. Each bean is picked by hand to assure that only perfectly mature beans are harvested.

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