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Why Gourmet Pour-Over Coffee-On-The-Go Has Gotten So Popular And A List Of Cool Products Worth Trying


Ever since the Starbucks phenomenon collided with the foodie craze, Americans have gotten wildly addicted to gourmet coffee.

Our latest obsession? Specialty joe on the go.

According to a Forbes article based on the National Coffee Association’s report on our drinking trends, 59 percent of coffee consumed daily is classified as “gourmet.” This is the first time in the trend report’s 67-year history that the number has topped 50 percent.

So we’re getting pickier.

And … “Coffee drinkers under the age of 35 are more likely to drink it on the go.”

It’s no wonder that single-serve pour-over coffee products are proliferating online. It’s the easiest way to brew a quality cup at the office, in a hotel room or even while camping.

Just ask Copper Cow Coffee founder Debbie Wei Mullin, who was inspired to start her Los Angeles-based coffee-on-the-go company in 2016 during a trip to her mother’s hometown of Saigon. She fell in love with the beans grown in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and developed her own packaging for single-serving pour-over bags. She also sells on-the-go kits for Thai iced tea and has just released one for Lavender Latte.

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