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New Location, Same Coffee


PALMER — A coffee stand that’s been in the heart of Palmer since the turn of the 21st century is changing locations, but will continue to serve coffee on Arctic Avenue in Palmer. The Brew Ha-Ha coffee stand that was previously located across from Backcountry Bike and Ski on Arctic moved down the street to 210 East Arctic Avenue on the corner of Valley Way on December 11.

A coffee stand has served that location for 20 years, but Kim Cooley and her husband Josh have run Brew Ha-Ha for six. The land that Brew Ha-Ha sits on sold this summer, and Cooley and her husband found themselves in a panic.

“Your clientele,when you’re a coffee shop, comes based on where you are — location, location, location,” Kim Cooley said.

Cooley began exploring her options and made the best out of a dire situation for her and her six full-time baristas.

“It’s kind of a when-life-gives-you-lemons, make-lemonade story,” Cooley said. “At first, we were freaking out; what are we going to do?”

Bionic Chiropractic agreed to purchase a larger coffee hut built with rocks and lease the building to Brew Ha-Ha. Though the location has changed, it remains on Arctic Avenue just a few hundred yards from the old location and still able to serve the same customers. The new building features a restroom, much to the delight of the employees, and is large enough to store all of the necessary supplies. Previously, extra cups, lids, beans and other supplies were stored in the shed next to the building. Cooley describes her husband as the ‘magical fairy’ who shops for supplies and restocks the hut overnight, helping keep the business running. Though the move was abrupt, Cooley said that she and her employees are maintaining a positive attitude.

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