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Coffee Distribution Business Opportunity Turns Into Ag Trade Deal With Kenya


A coffee business idea is brewing up an international trade plan.

An entrepreneur has been working with Grand Island Economic Development Corporation to bring a Kenyan coffee wholesale business to Grand Island. Now Kenyan delegates are more serious about trading Nebraskan ag products and techniques.

“They are definitely for this, they realize it’s really good for the farmers and we are looking forward to it,” Dave Taylor, president of the Grand Island Economic Development Corporation, said at the city council meeting.

It started with a simple act of helping an entrepreneur get a delegation together to build a coffee distribution business. But became a big opportunity.

After the first meeting with Kenyan delegates they wanted to see what they could bring to the table to export from Nebraska.

“How else can we help with their farming. That’s when they requested … can you bring all these experts with us,” Taylor said.

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